more intel drm issues (was Re: [git pull] drm intel only fixes)

Linus Torvalds torvalds at
Wed Jan 19 18:39:54 PST 2011

Ok, so I have a new issue that I'm currently bisecting but that people
may be able to figure out even befor emy bisect finishes.

On my slow Atom netbook (that I'm planning on using as my traveling
companion for LCA), suspend-to-RAM takes a long time with current git.
It's quite noticeable - it used to be pretty much instant, now it
takes three seconds. And it's all i915 graphics (although I haven't
bisected it down fully, I've bisected it down to the drm merge).

In the good case (like plain 2.6.37), a suspend event will look
something like this:

   PM: suspend of devices complete after 147.646 msecs

but the i915 driver at some point made it take 3s:

  PM: suspend of devices complete after 3059.656 msecs

which is definitely long enough to be worth fixing.

Maybe the person responsible will go "oh, that's obviously due to
xyz", and just fix it. But I'll continue to bisect in case nobody
steps up to admit to wasting time..


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