[Bug 31830] [bisected] broken shadows in Unigine Sanctuary and Lightsmark

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Fri Jan 21 04:19:37 PST 2011


Pavel Ondračka <drakkk at centrum.cz> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[bisected] Unigine          |[bisected] broken shadows
                   |Sanctuary: broken shadows   |in Unigine Sanctuary and
                   |                            |Lightsmark

--- Comment #2 from Pavel Ondračka <drakkk at centrum.cz> 2011-01-21 04:19:37 PST ---
Penumbra shadows in Lightsmark 2008 2.0 are broken with the same commit. It
works fine with RADEON_DEBUG=noopt. 
BTW during bisecting I run into some interesting performance issues:

Before 8833f53e659e079e7ab74bb9197f9b44b1eeefe0: 5,66 +- 0,01 fps, shadows are
mesa 8833f53e659e079e7ab74bb9197f9b44b1eeefe0: 3,69 +- 0,07 fps, broken shadows

with current mesa master (af4e2f46653cbc7ceaf1291ba22087ec5758d07f):
stock settings: 10,23 +- 0,08 fps, broken shadows
with RADEON_DEBUG=noopt: 11,73 +- 0,16 fps, shadows are OK
with register rename pass disabled: 14,35 +- 0,04 fps shadows are OK

I disabled register rename by changing r3xx_fragprog.c line 127,
{"register rename", 1, !is_r500 || opt, rc_rename_regs,    NULL},
to {"register rename", 1, !is_r500, rc_rename_regs,NULL},
I hope this is correct.

Mesa: af4e2f46653cbc7ceaf1291ba22087ec5758d07f
Kernel: 2.6.37
GPU: RV530

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