[Bug 26982] drm-next/linux-next glxgears CPU usage doubles for 32bit, doesn't on 64bit

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Sat Jan 22 22:11:44 PST 2011


--- Comment #3 from Chris Kennedy <bitbytebit at gmail.com>  2011-01-23 06:11:42 ---
I'll need to double check using the option to turn of pageflip and see if the
timestamp method change makes a difference.  It's odd, I'm basically using this
as a way to run Mame on arcade monitors in Mame at full screen mode utilizing
the original game resolutions.  So they aren't big fancy resolutions or heavy
duty requirements, just things like 320x240 at 60Hz mostly.  I'll post the
results of those tests when I get a chance, have not focused on it in the last
few days but will do that in the next week hopefully.  Thanks for checked
deeper into the issue, sounds like very possibly somewhere else then besides
the page flip and vblank timestamp changes.


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