[git pull] drm radeon/nouveau fixes

Dave Airlie airlied at linux.ie
Sat Jul 2 01:23:28 PDT 2011

Hi Linus,

Ben was a bit hopeful that NVidia didn't redesign half the gpu for a new 
series, apparantly they did, so the 0xd0 series needs some more work, and 
another couple of minor radeon fixes from Alex.


The following changes since commit daf54f1f363a61c618662ef66d4bf09d2b090941:

  drm/radeon/kms: Fix chremap setup on RV770 CE (2011-07-01 07:29:46 +1000)

are available in the git repository at:
  ssh://master.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/airlied/drm-2.6.git drm-fixes

Alex Deucher (2):
      drm/radeon/kms: use correct reg on fusion when reading back mem config
      drm/radeon/kms: fix typo in cayman reg offset

Ben Skeggs (1):
      Revert "drm/nvc0: recognise 0xdX chipsets as NV_C0"

 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_state.c |    2 --
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/evergreen.c      |    5 ++++-
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/nid.h            |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

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