[PATCH] r600g: remove useless call to u_upload_flush

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer pelloux at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 07:03:22 PDT 2011

u_upload_flush() is called each time r600_flush() is used.

There is a comment specifically saying :
	/* XXX This shouldn't be really necessary, but removing it breaks some tests.
	 * Needless buffer reallocations may significantly increase memory consumption,
	 * so getting rid of this call is important. */

I think the call to u_upload_flush() should be removed, unless someone
knows a test case showing an issue ?

I've done some regressions testing (piglit quick.tests, Unigine
Heaven, Openarena, Lightsmark) and found almost no problem.
The regressions reported by piglit concerned 3 tests :
- fbo-sys-sub-blit
- fp-fragment-position
- kil-swizzle
Which are all tests that fails sporadically (with or without patch
applied) ; so this does not count as a regression.

(All testing was done with HD4850)

The simple attached patch removed function call + comment.

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