vblank problem (and proposed fix) on crtc > 1

Ilija Hadzic ihadzic at research.bell-labs.com
Fri Mar 4 17:27:37 PST 2011

(this is a cumulative response to all comments that came in on this 

My opinion is that extending the existing ioctl is better than introducing 
the new one given that they will be doing the same thing. Also there are 
fewer kernel changes so it's safer (it opens fewer opportunities to screw 
up and it will be easier to review and vet the changes). We probably 
shouldn't start the new vs. not-new ioctl debate, since even those who 
advocate the former seem to agree that my proposal is a pragmatic one.

I agree that it is not a good idea to "spam" the old kernel with 
'unsupported type value', so I'll add a hook to the DDX to check the 
version and not issue the ioctl at all if it is requested on a higher 
CRTC. I think that's better than falling back to the old style and issuing 
the system call on (potentially wrong) CRTC #1 because that can block the 
application (and I'd rather see it proceed without attempting vblank 
synchronization, then block).

I'll modify my patches to include the above stated check and retest when I 
get a little time and post them to this list. In the meantime, if anyone 
wants to venture into using the patches as I sent yesterday, please report 
the experience. On my end things seem to be working well, my specific 
problems are solved and it doesn't look like I broke anything, but more 
ppl. test, the better. That will take care of ATI DDX and general support 
in DRM; I presume that someone will follow up on other DDXs (I only deal 
with Radeon GPUs at the moment, so I am not familiar with other DDXs).

-- Ilija

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