[Bug 16140] [RADEON:KMS:RV250:RESUME] suspend to RAM resume broken

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Mon Mar 7 12:09:47 PST 2011


--- Comment #39 from Sedat Dilek <sedat.dilek at gmail.com>  2011-03-07 20:09:43 ---
I have tested with linux-next (next-20110307):

1. KMS enabled = NOPE
2. KMS enabled + radeon.agpmode=-1 = OK
   (dmesg: [drm] Forcing AGP to PCI mode)

My Xorg stack changed to libdrm-2.4.23, mesa-7.10.1, ddx-1:6.14.0 and

Killing xserver from runlevel-3 several times, does not help, the GPU seems to
Still noone told me after attaching so much informations to this BR how to
force a GPU reset in rl-3.
Can you please enlighten me and others?

- Sedat -

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