[Bug 28995] [RADEON:KMS::R300G] gl program -> rejects command buffers

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Wed Mar 9 04:40:54 PST 2011


Álmos <aaalmosss at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #25 from Álmos <aaalmosss at gmail.com> 2011-03-09 04:40:53 PST ---
I now tried nexuiz, sauerbraten, alien-arena, doom3, quake4, and both versions
of vdrift with 2.6.37 kernel and current mesa master. No sign of this bug.

BTW the doom3 segfault (either complains about vertex array in virtual memory
or cannot open libGL.so) is solved by removing the libgcc_s.so.1 and
libstdc++.so.5 from its directory. The same applies to quake4.

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