[PATCH 2/2] i915: Apply the pipe A force quirk to some more models

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Mon Mar 21 00:18:00 PDT 2011

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011 23:09:38 +0000, Ben Hutchings <ben at decadent.org.uk> wrote:
> Add some more IDs as listed in the old X driver.
> Signed-off-by: Ben Hutchings <ben at decadent.org.uk>
> ---
> Is there some reason these were omitted from the kernel driver?

Yes, because they are non-gen2 chipsets and should have never needed the
pipe-A quirk.

*If* the quirk did indeed and still does help those systems, then we need
to root cause the real bug.

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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