[RFC PATCH] HDMI:Support for EDID parsing in kernel.

K, Mythri P mythripk at ti.com
Fri Mar 25 06:34:05 PDT 2011

Hi Gunnedi,

>> > Dave's point is that we can't ditch the existing code without
>> > introducing a lot of risk; it would be better to start a library-ized
>> > EDID codebase from the most complete one we have already, i.e. the DRM
>> > EDID code.
> Does the DRM EDID-parser also process blocks beyond the first one and
> also parses SVD entries similar to what I've recently added to fbdev? Yes,
> we definitely need a common EDID parses, and maybe we'll have to collect
> various pieces from different implementations.
As far as I know , it does not parse SVD ,But it should not be that
difficult to add.
We could take the SVD parsing from your code . In the RFC i have
posted I parse for detailed timing and other VSDB blocks.
Also the parsing should be based on the extension type for  multiple
128 byte blocks.

Thanks and regards,

> Thanks
> Guennadi

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