GEM-related desktop sluggishness due to linear-time arch_get_unmapped_area_topdown()

Daniel Vetter daniel at
Tue Mar 29 13:26:08 PDT 2011

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 03:45:34PM -0400, Jerome Glisse wrote:
> Short lived & small bo would definitly doesn't work well for this kind
> of API, it would all be a function of the ioctl cost. But i am not
> sure the drawback would be that big, intel tested with pread/pwrite
> and gived up don't remember why. For the vbo case you describe the
> scheme i was thinking would be : allocate bo and on buffer data call
> upload to the allocated bo using the bind user page feature that would
> mean zero extra copy operation. For the fire forget case of vbo,
> likely somekind of transient buffer would be more appropriate.

Just to clarify: Uploads to linear buffers are all done with pwrite (due
to an api foobar, it's not so great for 2d/tiled stuff). It's amazing how
much faster that is: Switching vbo's from mmpa to pwrite has given a few
percent more fps in openarena in i915g! As long as the chunk you're gonna
write fits into L1 cache, it's probably a net win.
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