KMS and TTM questions

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Oct 3 12:14:16 PDT 2011

> the front buffer. The problem was the buffer offset for the second 
> allocation was the same as the VQ buffer. I'm stump to what I'm doing 
> wrong, so does anyone have a idea?

I gave up trying to understand TTM (they don't make happy pills that big)
and used GEM and a simple allocator. The private allocator GEM change
means you can now use GEM to magic up objects that are in on card or
stolen memory where applicable not just backed in system memory.

> 	Second question I have is how are monochrome cursor images
> handled with KMS. Yes we need to support CLE266 which is used in a lot

That depends on your libkms for the device. You can allocate a one bit
deep object if you want. Reading libkms source is probably what you need
if you've not already done os.

> of POS devices. That chipset only supports monochrome cursors.

Which I think means a modern X will not care about the hardware cursor ?


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