KMS and TTM questions

James Simmons jsimmons at
Mon Oct 3 12:37:18 PDT 2011

> > Hi!
> >
> >        I been working on updating the VIA kernel driver to using KMS
> > and TTM. So this weekend I started to implement a couple of buffer
> > allocations internally to the driver from the video ram. So the first
> > buffer I allocated was not the front buffer from the video vram but a
> > virtual queue buffer of about 256K in size. The second allocation was
> > the front buffer. The problem was the buffer offset for the second
> > allocation was the same as the VQ buffer. I'm stump to what I'm doing
> > wrong, so does anyone have a idea?
> Without code to look at we all can start guessing :) my guess is either
> you are not using the proper offset field or you are allocating from
> different memory pool.

> >        Second question I have is how are monochrome cursor images
> > handled with KMS. Yes we need to support CLE266 which is used in a lot
> > of POS devices. That chipset only supports monochrome cursors.
> You can hide the cursor limitation from userspace and pretend supporting
> rgb cursor.

So just return -ENXIO in that case.

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