KMS and TTM questions

James Simmons jsimmons at
Tue Oct 4 06:45:37 PDT 2011

> >        Second question I have is how are monochrome cursor images
> > handled with KMS. Yes we need to support CLE266 which is used in a lot
> > of POS devices. That chipset only supports monochrome cursors.
> As far as I know, the KMS cursor API doesn't really care what type of
> cursors are supported.  That's a client driver (ddx, etc.)
> implementation detail.  The cursor interface just basically has on,
> off, and position. The client driver (ddx, etc.) can choose to upload
> a ARGB or mono image.  We should probably add some sort of flag to KMS
> to ask the driver what types of cursors they support so this could be
> supported in a generic way.

That is the bit missing. I seen recently you had a patch for passing info 
to userland. It would be nice to add what color depths the cursor 

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