[Bug 41664] R580 Powermanagement with Kernelmodesetting:

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--- Comment #3 from revealed <revealed at freakmail.de> 2011-10-11 13:19:32 PDT ---

Many thanks for your reply! Is the output that i get and that i can not switch
powermethod and profiles correct?

I thought it should report voltages and so on? Because it is i am just
wondering. The problem in my next words is, they are related to another
operating system. Using windows i thought, the card would have something like a
2D mode, where the core and ram are working with less mhz. And i thought in 3D
mode it would power up to the standard mhz?

I would need to verify this myselves now, because i am not sure. 

But usually i dont use Windows, because i can not do what i need to do with my
PC using windows.

I would just personally need verification, that my card works properly and that
it does not consume more energy than it should. And that it runs at it's
designed speed. Better would be, that Linux would handle the card even better
than windows could.

How is it?



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