[Bug 41664] R580 Powermanagement with Kernelmodesetting:

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Tue Oct 11 13:55:23 PDT 2011


--- Comment #6 from revealed <revealed at freakmail.de> 2011-10-11 13:55:22 PDT ---
Ah. Ok thats what i did not get. So it is intended to run at the default. Thats
what i also found in the catalyst on windows even.

506 MHZ (core) 594 MHZ (RAM)

The temperature reading is just slightly different. Without having started
special 3D apps from just exiting linux and booting in windows. The catalyst
tool reports 68 degrees and not 41.

If i tick that Overdrive function i can call an assistant and it tests the
GFX's capabilities and so on. In 3D overclocking mode it would run up to:

695 MHZ (core) 1026 MHZ (RAM)

With stock cooler from ASUS. Huummm... so no underclocking? My basic intention
was that i thought it would reduce its consumption.

I would not intend to enable something like Overclocking features normally. I
hope i haven't stolen too much of your time. Many thanks for opening my eyes.

So i could just even go ahead and uninstall the Plasmoid. I would not be able
switching profiles. 

So my card is not in a low power mode or anything? It is just at it's default
core speed?

I am a little confused.



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