[Bug 41664] R580 Powermanagement with Kernelmodesetting:

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--- Comment #9 from Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net> 2011-10-11 14:52:48 PDT ---
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> Somehow something like a matrix on radeon wiki would be cool. If it would tell:
> R580 cards like mine: 
> (Usually two powerstates (default) and (overclocked) overclocking not
> implemented yet.) (No: Dynamic Low Mid High Automatic).
> So if this now is default and inteded. I can and should just forget that.
> Better would be underclocking. But i think i lack of skill doing this. :) I
> would love that be sure.

Maybe instead of maintaining a table in the Wiki, more information could be
printed to the console/log files by the Radeon driver(?)? This would of course
not help users wanting to easily know if a Linux kernel upgrade would bring
them new supported features. They can only look at the source comments/print
outs in the repository.

So Alex, how hard would it be to print something like the following to
`Xorg.log` or the kernel ring buffer?

    Powermanagement: pre-R6xx does not support low power states: disabled
    Overclocking: not implemented yet, using default
    Temperature reading not working correctly yet.



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