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> > Hi,
> >        I have a question on S3 suspend/resume process for evergreen
> > chipset.
> >        Generally introduction, I am developing WEC7 graphics driver on
> > evergreen chipset. Alex guide me on this. And right now I move to S3
> > part work. I have ported radeon_suspend_kms() and radeon_resume_kms()
> > functions from linux to CE. Actually I have validated that the
> > evergreen_suspend() and evergreen_resume() work already on CE. But when
> > the resume work is done and the screen is shown up, I found the 3D
> > engine works wrong. The HW acceleration of it is not correct anymore.
> > Misrendering is happening. By tracing the root cause, I suspect that the
> > problem may be in evergreen_gpu_init()( in evergreen_startup) call when
> > resume(), but I am not sure. Can you guys tell me which part I should
> > debug?
> >        By the way, the linux kernel source I used is from 2010.10. So
> > quite a lot patches have been committed into community during this
> > period. Right now, the kernel source I used is around date
> > 2011.7(Version 3.0.0). Is there any patches update for S3 during this
> > period?
> >
> Does soft resetting the GPU during resume help
> (evergreen_gpu_soft_reset()) ?  If so, try updating your version of
> evergreen_cp_resume() to the latest upstream bits.
Evergreen_gpu_soft_reset() has been used in my code.
I'm trying to update evergreen_cp_resume() function to latest. But from the comparison between the version 2010.10 and current version 2011.7, I think there is not too much change for this function.
You the code I used before was quite old, so when I port the new S3 code to CE currently, there must be some confliction between the old version and new version. I suspend the problem is there. Let me check more...


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