[Bug 39145] screen goes dark when the graphics driver (radeon) is loaded

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Sun Oct 16 16:52:35 PDT 2011


--- Comment #8 from Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder at gmail.com> 2011-10-16 16:52:35 PDT ---
bugzilla-daemon at freedesktop.org wrote:

> Debian 6.0.3 (squeeze) can boot without described issue with linux
> kernel 3.1.0-rc9+ but without usb and network support :(
> How enabling usb and network support???

Thanks for testing; that's good news.  You can configure the choice of
drivers for a linux build with "make nconfig".


 - can you reproduce the bug with a 2.6.39 kernel on squeeze?
   If not, that would mean there is some complicating factor other
   than the kernel.

 - does a distro 3.x kernel[1] also avoid the bug?  If not, please
   attach the .config file from the 3.1.0-rc9+ build you tested with.

[1] e.g. from <http://wiki.debian.org/DebianExperimental>.  It would
include usb and networking support. :)

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