[Bug 36934] screen corruption after running a game

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--- Comment #13 from auxsvr at gmail.com 2011-10-22 04:12:01 PDT ---
Apparently, there are two kinds of corruption in my case.

The first one is triggered by display of large pixmaps or textures, and
manifests itself with corruption of fonts, menus, decorations, icons and
widgets all over the screen. It is easy to trigger this by scrolling quickly
through a PDF file in okular, or after running Google earth or a game. After
some tests for several hours, it appears that the cause is the Virtualbox
kernel modules. In fact, after removing them, I haven't been able to trigger
this type of corruption again.

The second one is the one manifested in Firefox with large pixmaps, described
in comment 9. If I open that image in Firefox and magnify it to 1:1, then it
appears black. Returning to the original magnification makes it appear partly
corrupted with the contents of other windows (I'm using kwin with compositing).
Opening and zooming the same image in Chrome does not exhibit the corruption. I
haven't found a way to resolve this yet.

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