[Bug 41698] [r300g] Flickering user interface in WoW

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Mon Oct 24 15:24:33 PDT 2011


--- Comment #4 from Chris Rankin <rankincj at googlemail.com> 2011-10-24 15:24:33 PDT ---
This bug is still happening after this new commit:

commit 2717b8f034db16cf551e167aa5ce3a9be3bf730b
Author: Mathias Fröhlich <Mathias.Froehlich at gmx.net>
Date:   Sat Oct 8 21:33:23 2011 +0200

    winsys/radeon: restore the old r600g winsys memory characteristics.

However, this new commit also means that the original commit can no longer be
trivially reverted.

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