2.6.35-rc4 Graphics performance issue and freeing invalid memtype messages on boot.

Andreas Mohr andi at lisas.de
Tue Apr 3 00:22:52 PDT 2012


Jerome Glisse just helpfully pointed out that I'm running with KMS
disabled (and indeed, CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS is not set).

So we have:
- a CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS which has some pretty strong wording
  discouraging its use (which IIRC is exactly the reason that I decided
to not enable it yet at that time when KMS stuff has been introduced)
- with KMS thus ending up disabled, things failing left and right...

Something's not quite right...

I'm currently doing a (complete, unfortunately) rebuild to retry with
CONFIG_DRM_RADEON_KMS enabled, will report back.

Andreas Mohr

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