[Bug 42678] [3.3-rc1] radeon stuck in kernel after lockup

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--- Comment #11 from Torsten Kaiser <just.for.lkml at googlemail.com>  2012-04-03 19:38:37 ---
> Is 3.4 still affected?

I don't know, but I suspect it.
Because since the fix of my underlying GPU hang in 3.3-rc3 there wasn't a need
for a recovery or a change to hang X again.

As I tried to explain in comment #8 there where 3 kernel bugs involved for me.
1.: a GPU lockup that happened since 3.1 and was fixed in 3.3-rc3
2.: a regression 3.2 -> 3.3-rc1 in the mutex locking, fixed in 3.3-rc2
3.: a regression 3.2 -> 3.3-rc1 that prevents X to recover from the GPU lockup.

3. was visible in 3.3-rc2 (see comment #3) as 2. was already fixed, but 1. was
still happening.
But after 3.3-rc3 1. has been fixed, so 3. no longer triggers for me, but I
suspect that the GPU lockup recovery is still broken, because I did not see any
patch that claimed to fix it.

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