PCI resources above 4GB

Steven Newbury steve at snewbury.org.uk
Fri Apr 13 05:49:52 PDT 2012

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On 13/04/12 12:58, Steven Newbury wrote:

>> It's not stable, crashes soon after GMA comes up. (Could be 
>> unrelated breakage in linus/master? Probably not but I will 
>> verify.)  I noticed the high allocations are occuring from the
>> top of 64-bit address-space, whilst /proc/cpuinfo shows only 48
>> bits of virtual addressing.  Could that be why..?
> To reply to myself again, I should have said crashes shortly after 
> Xorg initialises using the intel driver, in both cases!  I'm
> building a kernel now without the patch set to see if it's
> unrelated.  If it still dies I'll try applying your patch set to a
> branch without the changes from linus/master... (should have done
> that anyway...)
Okay, I instead created a branch from an older 3.4-rc1+ kernel tree,
running it now, and it seems to be stable.  Something perhaps in the
newer tree not playing nicely.  I'll see if I can bisect it, or at
least base of rc2 if that works... (I'm a little wary of crashing the
system too much and losing my btrfs filesystem...)
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