[PATCH 00/12] Add more DMT and common modes

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Fri Apr 13 13:56:26 PDT 2012

On 4/13/12 4:33 PM, Adam Jackson wrote:
> Incorporates some feedback from Rodrigo and Takashi.  Major themes of the
> series:
> - Fix the DMT list to include reduced-blanking modes
> - Add modes from DMT for any range descriptor type
> - Add an extra modes list for things not in DMT
> - For ranges that specify a formula, generate timings from the extra modes
> This still doesn't address the driver policy decision of "I know I have
> a scaler, add modes as if there were a range descriptor even if there's
> not one".  But it should at least make clear what such a helper function
> should do.

One minor buglet in this series that's not obvious from inspection (and 
that I didn't realize until just now) is that putting 1366x768 in the 
minimode list won't do what you want, since the mode you get back will 
be 1368x768.  Probably we should move the manual-underscan hack into the 
timing generators themselves.

- ajax

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