PCI resources above 4GB

Yinghai Lu yinghai at kernel.org
Sun Apr 15 13:05:11 PDT 2012

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Steven Newbury <steve at snewbury.org.uk> wrote:
>>>>>>> pci 0000:03:08.0: BAR 15: can't assign mem pref (size
>>>>>>> 0x18000000)
>>>>>> Ah! Not enough space for the bridge window!:(
>>>>> please append pci=norom ...
>>>> That worked.  Except of course the radeon driver can't POST the
>>>>  card without the ROM! :-P
>>> Can the ROM resource be mapped above 4G?
>> I didn't really think that through, obviously it can't because
>> it's not on a 64-bit capable bridge.  I wonder though, could it be
>> shadowed then disabled early before the IOMEM?
> I see there's "#if 0"'d helper functions for exactly that in rom.c.
> They've been disabled since 2007!

solution could be one of three:
1. when bridge support 64bit pref, will not allocate rom bar in bridge
pref resource.
====> patch: rom_pref.patch

2. unconditionally to make rom bar allocation in bridge non-pref range.
====> patch: rom_no_pref.patch
Looks like BIOS and at least one of other OSes is doing that.

I can not find the the history why ROM res is with PREFETCH bit set.
Maybe Linus has some idea about that.

3. use pci_bus_allocate_resource in drm/radeon driver ... ===> but
that could fail.
   so could hack it like a. disable bar 0x10 and steal BAR address,
then set 0x30 to that address then copy ROM to ram.
   after that, disable rom again and set back address to 0x10.
   You try to update radeon_get_bios() to achieve that.

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