[Bug 48772] Signal unstable over Display Port on 2560x1440 monitor

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--- Comment #4 from Tvrtko Ursulin <tvrtko.ursulin at onelan.co.uk> 2012-04-16 08:49:59 PDT ---
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> (In reply to comment #2)
> > radeon.disp_priority=2 seems to have no effect. Perhaps it decreased the
> > frequency between screen blackouts, but my sample size is small and randomness
> > of the timings makes me uneasy to claim so yet. Would it make sense for it to
> > have such effect?
> > 
> Sure.  Setting that option sets the display priority in the memory controller
> to the highest possible level. If the MC is still having problems keeping up,
> it may be that your system can't handle a monitor that big.
> Alternatively, your monitor may not like the set of pll dividers selected by
> the driver in this case or spread spectrum settings.  You might try setting the
> atombios_adjust_pll().

I'll have a look.

> What link speed and number of lanes are being used for that mode?  Does the
> monitor support downspread?

Easy there :), this whole area is very new to me. "Last week" I figured out
some things about connector probing, anything on top of that still needs to be

> Does the proprietary driver work ok with that monitor?

I can and will try.

> > Is testing with tiling disabled relevant given the problem happens also without
> > X running?
> That should be equivalent.

Not sure I understand what do you mean by this?

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