[Patch 0/3] Add ability to override a monitor's EDID information

Thorsten Schoel tschoel at web.de
Wed Apr 25 02:04:34 PDT 2012

> Are you aware of the following recent commit?
>   commit da0df92b57311aa1b26a2a90599ed16e1e968b90
>   Author: Carsten Emde <C.Emde at osadl.org>
>   Date:   Sun Mar 18 22:37:33 2012 +0100
>   drm: allow loading an EDID as firmware to override broken monitor

No, I wasn't aware of that.

> Has some of your work already been implemented?

See parts 1-3 of the original post (your reply was to part 0).
> That being said, the firmware-loading feature of the above commit is
> useful to me, because on my system, it tries to load the EDID data
> the kernel knows how to access the file system where the requisite
> resides; perhaps something like your command-line EDID data would be
> to me (and others).

I have been using that command line interface for exactly that same
reason for some time now. Just didn't get to submit the code here.
Adding the firmware to your initrd should also do, I suspect.


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