[Bug 41668] Screen locks up at random points when using a 3D compositing wm (gnome-shell) on an rv515 (radeon mobility x1300)

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Wed Apr 25 19:44:29 PDT 2012


--- Comment #27 from dmotd <inaudible at simplesuperlativ.es> 2012-04-25 19:44:29 PDT ---
apologies for the many months without reply - i have not been in a position to
contribute after making the initial bug report.

i recently performed a system update and am currently running kernel 3.3.1 on
archlinux, i can confirm that this bug is still present, and i am still getting
occasional graphics freezes of the same nature to before. once again i can get
openbox to replace the affected x session, so basic rendering is still okay.

i did get an opportunity to test pci=nomsi for a while and noticed that while
there were no freezes of this nature, the 3d graphics rendering would sometimes
receive a slight unexplained performance hit (visual lag) that would remain for
the rest of the session, a minor effect but not debilitating to general use.

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