[Bug 49140] r600_state_common.c:761:r600_draw_vbo: Assertion `0' failed

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--- Comment #3 from Vadim <ptpzz at yandex.ru> 2012-04-26 03:43:45 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Any suggestions on how to accomplish that? I tried turning my code around and
> around, but so far with no success. What should help with the register count?
> On the other hand, why is the register limit set so low? I just tested the
> program with Mesa 7.11, same hardware and r600 drivers - it works. This seems
> like a regression.
> If needed, there are binaries/source available for testing at
> http://thelarge.org

It's a hardware limit. The compiler in theory should optimize register
allocation, but the problem is that r600g still lacks real register allocator.
And probably some changes since 7.11 increased register usage in the TGSI IR.

I'll see if I can help with that shader somehow, but generally r600g needs a
better shader compiler. There is some work in progress on that, but I don't
know when it will be completed.

Also there is some experimental code that probably could help with that, but
currently it works only with evergreen GPUs. If you could use a gpu of the
evergreen class (IIRC it's all of 5xxx, some of 6xxx cards), then you might
want to try r600_shader_opt and r600_shader_opt_2 branches from the following
repo: https://github.com/VadimGirlin/mesa

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