[Bug 42490] NUTMEG DP to VGA bridge not working

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Sun Apr 29 08:34:56 PDT 2012


--- Comment #26 from diego.abelenda at gmail.com 2012-04-29 08:34:56 PDT ---
Oh fun. Seeing how the driver seems to mess up things (with your previous
comment) with the connectors when booting with both plugged, I tried to boot
without the nvidia card and both monitors plugged and the unplugging the VGA
monitor during the boot (before X starts) and both screens when off, the VGA
one with "no connection" and the DVI with "no signal".

Once X is started both monitors are detected correctly.

Is it somehow linked to the mirror mode the EFI does ?

Well at least I have a hook to get my dual screen working. Just unplug the VGA
boot and plug it during boot.

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