[RFC v2] Revive the work on render-nodes branch

Ilija Hadzic ihadzic at research.bell-labs.com
Mon Apr 30 08:16:28 PDT 2012

On Fri, 20 Apr 2012, Dave Airlie wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 7:19 PM, Ilija Hadzic
> <ihadzic at research.bell-labs.com> wrote:
>> The following set of patches is the reword of the series
>> sent two weeks ago [2] that will revive the drm-render-nodes [1]
>> branch. Details of the original series are described in [2].
> Thanks for looking at this,
> So one thing about adding render nodes, is it gives us the chance to
> maybe change the userspace API we expose to be more secure and have
> less cruft in it.
> Now I'm weary of a major API redesign as this could bog things now and
> we'd never make forward progress, but I'd like to at least consider it
> before adding new device nodes and locking us into the old APIs.
> The areas suggested before:
> 1) GEM, drop flink/open ioctls - these make security hard, since once
> you share a buffer any GEM opener can get access to it. Solutions to
> this proposed before are flink_to and maybe using PRIME/dma-buf.
> 2) master/device ownership. We might be able to drop the first opener
> is magically master, and require openers to ask for it somehow.
> 3) drop the old map ioctls from this interface, irq by busid, drop the AGP.
> I'm not talking about changing ioctl operation, more about introducing
> new ioctls and not allowing the old ones on the new nodes.
> Dave.

Thanks for the feedback, point taken. So there will be some "homework" to 
be done before you can take in the render nodes work. Would you be 
perceptive to consider taking in some of the prep. patches that I sent in 
my series? They will reduce the amount of baggage that needs to be carried 
with actual render-nodes work and make it easier to keep it alive while 
the above-proposed interface rework is being worked on.

For example, this one is just a simplification that makes 
things more readable:


Then these two will make drm_mode_getplane_res more consistent with what 
other getresources calls do (i.e., use drm_mode_group instead of 


This one won't hurt either and will make things look a little bit more 


-- Ilija

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