[Bug 42727] radeon KMS with CRT TV

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--- Comment #20 from Egor Y. Egorov <egorov_egor at bk.ru>  2012-02-28 16:29:33 ---
> Boot up without the TV attached to the video card, then when your desktop is
up, use xrandr to turn on the TV connector and adjust the mode, etc.
Yes. I did exactly. 
I first boot the system with KMS. Plug the TV. Launched
# ./radeonreg regs avivo > rv570.kms.turn_off
Then set up S-video output in systemsetings (kde). Launched
# ./radeonreg regs avivo > rv570.kms.turn_on

In the same way rv570.ums.turn_off and rv570.ums.turn_on are created (UMS).
With UMS all good. With KMS screen TV is striped.

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