Expanding the use of DMA buffers in 3.3

Pekka Enberg penberg at kernel.org
Wed Jan 18 22:43:30 PST 2012

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 2:08 AM, Robert Morell <rmorell at nvidia.com> wrote:
> The DMA buffer infrastructure (dma-buf) currently exposes its interface
> with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.  The documentation for EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL says:
>    "It implies that the function is considered an internal
>    implementation issue, and not really an interface."
> This interface is clearly not just an "implementation issue" but an
> interface to be used across drivers/subsystems, so I think it makes
> sense for it to use EXPORT_SYMBOL instead.
> Work on dma-buf was originally started with the goal of unifying several
> competing "memory management" systems developed with different ARM SoCs
> in mind.  It would be unfortunate if restricting its use to only
> GPL-licensed modules caused dma-buf adoption to be limited.
> For convenience, I'll send the trivial patch to implement this change.
> I'd like to see this in the first release with dma-buf in 3.3.

How about you open up your driver code instead? You'd get access to
all EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL symbols instantly!


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