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Fri Mar 16 15:12:34 PDT 2012

makes me afraid of some weird GTT flushing issue, given the adventures
we had with VT-d on that hardware where we idle the gpu before any GTT
updates. I wonder what would happen if we idled the GPU before any GTT
updates even when VT-d wasn't running...

> The latest thinking on the hibernate issues is kernel one sets up an
> fbcon, hibernate restores the old memory and the GTT still points at
> the pages,
> then something writes to the console and overwrites real memory., just
> a working theory, nobody has proven it yet.

Presumably the resumed kernel will not be able to write to the console
until the i915 driver is running again, at which point it will have
updated all of the GTT entries. And, presumably the booted kernel won't
be writing to the console after it has loaded the resumed kernel memory?

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