[Bug 17902] [830M missing dvo driver] need support for DVO-LVDS via na2501

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Tue May 29 14:29:24 PDT 2012


--- Comment #79 from thor at math.tu-berlin.de 2012-05-29 14:29:24 PDT ---
But as the drm module is never loaded, the corresponding i2c devices are not
exposed? Can I trigger this process manually without loading the drm module?
The idea was to check which values the bios leaves behind, and then install the
same (or similar) values.

Concerning the scaler, the 2501 datasheet mentiones that it includes a built-in
scaler, though its interface is not described. "OEM manufacturers please
contact your NS representative". Hmm. Do you mean that the built-in scaler is
present, though its interface is driven by pins that are controlled by the GPU,
and thus are not exposed to its own i2c interface?

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