drm-next update

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 22:39:39 PST 2012

Okay just pushed out a bunch of -next queued stuff,

I've been stuck on another project for a couple of weeks and haven't
really being paying enough attention to -next, so this is a heads up,
if someone has something big they want merged this window and I
haven't seen it yet or merged it yet, you should probably mention it
in a reply to this mail with a summary of where you think its at.
(e.g. atomic nuclear modesetting flipping).

personal messages follow:

I merged some of the vmware patches I saw, I got to
[6/8] drm/vmwgfx: Refactor resource management
it didn't apply, it wasn't trivial, so you need to resend the 6/7/8 on
top of this tree, or point me to what I missed that makes it all
magically work!

Alex/Ben: -next trees if you have anything interesting.

Daniel: I've pulled -next from you, I'm hoping that is all you have
for this merge window!
I've also merge the polling rework, I'll have to spend a bit of time
testing it I suppose now.

Imre: merged the monotonic timestamps, please confirm it was okay!

Thierry: congrats I merged tegra, thanks for the hard work!

Maarten: merged some of the TTM patches, you might want to send me a
summary of any other TH reviewed that I haven't picked up on yet.

Anyone else that sent stuff and can't find it and it needs to be in
here, do let me know!


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