[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 1/3] drm: Add an "expose 3d modes" property

Imre Deak imre.deak at intel.com
Thu Oct 4 06:56:24 PDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-10-04 at 15:35 +0200, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 07:41:06PM +0100, Damien Lespiau wrote:
> > From: Damien Lespiau <damien.lespiau at intel.com>
> > 
> > The "expose 3D modes" property can be attached to connectors to allow
> > user space to indicate it can deal with 3D modes and that the drm driver
> > should expose those 3D modes.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Damien Lespiau <damien.lespiau at intel.com>
> I've thought a bit more about this and I don't like the connector prop so
> much any more:
> - connector properties stick around, so if you mix up your userspace
>   things could go wrong (e.g. i-g-t tests and ddx).
> - connector properties are exposed to users by default.
> - it makes little sense for userspace to not enable this on all
>   connectors.
> So I think a per-file_priv option to not filter out 3d modes would be
> better suited.
> We don't yet have any driver-agnostic ioctl yet for such things, so would
> require a bit more work ...

This would be useful for the monotonic time stamp support too. At the
moment the client would have to set a flag whether it wants real or raw
timestamp for each wait-for-vblank and page-flip ioctl, though what it
really needs is a one time setting.


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