[Bug 45061] Power consumption higher after resume, probably vgaswitcheroo/radeon related

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--- Comment #3 from Peter <lekensteyn at gmail.com>  2012-10-05 19:13:52 ---
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Does your machine have an indicator that shows whether the discrete graphics
card is enabled or not? If you happens to have such an indicator and also have
a Windows installation with drivers installed, can you check what happens
around suspend/resume?

On my Nvidia Optimus laptop, the following holds for a s/r cycle under Windows:

- indicator shows initially that the dGPU is deactivated.
- Before suspend, indicator shows that dGPU is activated.
- On resume, the indicator initially shows the dGPU as deactivated. Then, it
turns shortly to "activated", and then to "deactivated" again.
- indicator finally shows the dGPU as deactivated.

Is this also true for AMD?

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