[RFC 0/4] drm: add raw monotonic timestamp support

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Fri Oct 5 16:07:09 PDT 2012

Imre Deak <imre.deak at intel.com> writes:

> This is needed to make applications depending on vblank/page flip
> timestamps independent of time ajdustments.
> I've tested these with an updated intel-gpu-test/flip_test and will send
> the update for that once there's no objection about this patchset.
> The patchset is based on danvet's dinq branch with the following
> additional patches from the intel-gfx ML applied: 
>     drm/i915: paper over a pipe-enable vs pageflip race
>     drm/i915: don't frob the vblank ts in finish_page_flip
>     drm/i915: call drm_handle_vblank before finish_page_flip

While people are in pageflip code:

It would be really, really cool for application tracing if we could get
timestamps out of our swaps that used the TIMESTAMP register that is the
timer used for event tracing on the GPU using GL_ARB_timer_query.  Then
you could get decent visualizations of the latency of your rendering.
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