[Bug 55919] fatal error: nouveau/nouveau_device.h: No such file or directory

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--- Comment #7 from Roland Egger <spark74 at gmx.de> ---
I fetched libdrm-2.4.24

and after configure I got:
libdrm 2.4.24 will be compiled with:

  libkms         yes
  Intel API      yes
  vmwgfx API     no
  Radeon API     yes
  Nouveau API    no

Therefor I tried configure with --enable-nouveau-experimental-api

The goog thing is that the important libraries are build before it tries to
build these strange driver that needs nouveau. There should be a possibility to
disable nouveau in the config files, too. That would be very nice especially
after the nouveau thing is experimental.

After building and installing the lib I added the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the
install directory for libdrm and added the include path to the configs/linux
Let's see if that helps ;)

Now the build succeeds and I got libEGL.so and libGLw.so as additional
libraries. Which one contains the nouveau driver and what are the advantages of
having libEGL.so and libGLw.so?

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