[Linaro-mm-sig] [PATCH] dma-buf: Use EXPORT_SYMBOL

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 03:19:33 PDT 2012

>> Alan please stick with the facts. This isn't a relicense of anything.
>> EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL isn't a license its nothing like a license. Its a
>> totally pointless thing, it should be
>> really should be EXPORT_SYMBOL, and really consult your lawyers
>> anyways.
> Also we should look at this
> http://lists.linaro.org/pipermail/linaro-mm-sig/2011-September/000616.html
> original code posting had no EXPORT_SYMBOL, so the original author's
> intents were quite clear.

Yeah so a history research shows this didn't change until v3 of the
code base, and I don't think any lawyers were consulted about changing
the exports then, so I don't see why we should need any now. If we do
need some now, then we needed some then thus making the original
change of the exports a problem.

Now how do I withdraw a Signed-off-by and have dma-buf removed from the kernel?

(not I'm just spouting bullshit here which has as much value as
Alan's, as I said before unless someone grows a pair and sues someone
its all just IANAL and humble opinions.)


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