[Bug 55692] [KMS][Cayman] Garbled screen and oops with 6950 with linus git from 20121006 (3.7-rc0)

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--- Comment #31 from Serkan Hosca <serkan at hosca.com> ---
(In reply to comment #29)
> I haven't had time to dig it, but just to let you know I'm pretty much in
> the same situation as Serkan with a very similar config. I don't think it
> has to do with something using too much memory, but more about not
> releasing/attributing it correctly in the first place. Otherwise, why would
> it work with kernel 3.6 and not 3.7 if only kernel version is in the balance?
> I should have time to look at it tonight.

I think the gart memory issue is because of my recent update to gnome 3.6, i
didn't see that with gdm 3.4. The machine also boots very fast now after the
systemd upgrade, from grub to gdm i would say its about 5~7 seconds. Also when
grub starts, the screen stays at console login prompt with the mouse cursor
available and it takes about 2~3 seconds till gdm starts doing its fading thing
to login prompt.

I will try to revert it back and test it again when i get home.

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