[Bug 56038] "r100_ring_test] *ERROR*" messages sometimes on boot with ati radeon 9000 AGP ( r200 driver, dri2 KMS enabled )

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Wed Oct 17 15:03:27 PDT 2012


--- Comment #2 from Barto <mister.freeman at laposte.net> ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Does radeon.agpmode=-1 (or not passing radeon.agpmode on the kernel command
> line in the first place) prevent it from happening?

If I set the "radeon.agpmode" to "-1" I get low video performance and sometimes
the error message ( ring test *error* ),

If I remove the "radeon.agmode" setting I have no problem, the agp setting is
set automatically to 4x ( according to the dmesg output ), 

but as the bug occurs randomly ( 10% of the time ) I don't know if removing the
"radeon.agmode" setting can fix the problem

> After the cascaded failure shown in the attached dmesg output, there is no
> 3D or even 2D hardware acceleration...

yes you are right, when I type glxinfo I can see that dri2 is not used when the
bug occurs

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