[REGRESSION?] Blanking screen does not blank it on Radeon HD3200 (Thinkpad Edge 13, model 0197)

Yaroslav Fedevych yaroslav at fedevych.name
Thu Oct 18 04:07:02 PDT 2012

In text mode, instead of blanking the screen and shutting it down, it
is instead painted white, backlight going full steam.

I have bisected the code and git tells me the first bad commit is

Apparently my laptop, despite having atom tables, still needs legacy
backlight controls. Or whatever.

drm/radeon: add backlight control for atom devices (v2)

On systems that use the build in GPU backlight controller,
we can use atom tables to change the brightness level.

v2: use firmware flags

And the details at


I was first enthusiastic about using some textmode goodness, but
unfortunately have to return to X11, under it everything works okay,
strange but true.

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