[3.0.y, 3.2.y, 3.4.y] Please add LVDS patch for the Zotac ZBOX SD ID13

Ben Hutchings ben at decadent.org.uk
Sat Oct 27 16:29:08 PDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-10-21 at 12:41 -0700, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Hi Ben and Greg,
> Please consider 
>  9756fe38d10b drm/i915: no lvds quirk for Zotac ZDBOX SD ID12/ID13
> for application to the 3.0.y, 3.2.y, and 3.4.y trees.  It was applied
> upstream during the 3.6 merge window, so newer kernels don't need it.

Added to the queue for 3.2, thanks.


Ben Hutchings
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