[Bug 56405] Distorted graphics on Radeon HD 6620G

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Sun Oct 28 14:46:35 PDT 2012


--- Comment #7 from mdrslmr at t-online.de ---
I have not found the bug by bisecting, but I can't go on because the
commits do not compile anymore. So far my results are:

e656c4a07420fbb34cf00f9b827b1d2f4c45e0f6 bad
67e9ae856355be532455c1cf1211d59b3a4c5992 bad
bee2edbf3d2da2c2351c70e56da0dca205caa8ea bad
10e552d056dd080c4e763a31df517c2d7684a9cf bad
72f7632c6bbbfc062ac7d90290e99f71272f6059 bad
94b634eca0e2bd32d4b5bd92d06d510eae8a5625 broken, does not compile

used instead of the broken commit, it compiles but is bad
97b4b97b2f9b0e4532c8ba9cedfff9f013a76fc2 bad 

here I stop

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