[Bug 49981] On HD6850, Power Profile doesn't change if 2 screen is attached.

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--- Comment #3 from graham <grhm.perry at gmail.com> ---
The profiles appear to be set in r600_pm_init_profile in r600.c, and it seems
that the power profile is one higher than the single head settings, but the
clock mode steps up the same. That doesn't appear to be the behaviour seen
though, as in multi-head mode on the HD6k the clock mode stays on full all the

That leads me to think maybe the r600 profile is not suitable for HD6k cards.
That would depend on whether the same behaviour is seen on other cards that use
r600 profile, as it's used for many more families than just Northern Islands
(see radeon_asic.c, radeon_asic btc_asic is used for hd6k series).

Also, why is it necessary to increase the power profile just for an extra head?
I can't actually figure out the logic in some of the power state and clock mode
differences between the card families, are they based on anything other than

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