[PATCH v3 0/3] Prime helpers

Aaron Plattner aplattner at nvidia.com
Tue Jan 15 12:47:41 PST 2013

This series adds helper functions that abstract the core parts of
.gem_prime_import and .gem_prime_export so that drivers don't have to worry
about the low-level details.  These helpers are optional.  A driver can use them
by plugging in drm_gem_prime_import and drm_gem_prime_export into the drm_driver
structure, or it can bypass them by plugging in its own functions.  The first
patch adds these helpers, and the later patches switch three drivers over to
using them.

This version of the series addresses concerns raised by Daniel Vetter, and to
leave the vmap locking and refcounting to the dma-buf core code.  It also drops
Exynos from the series since its driver diverged between when I first sent out
this series and now.

This series depends on commit 90b6e90cb03352a352015ca213ac9f4fab3308f3 of the
for-next branch of git://git.linaro.org/people/sumitsemwal/linux-dma-buf

Aaron Plattner (3):
  drm: add prime helpers
  drm/nouveau: use prime helpers
  drm/radeon: use prime helpers

 Documentation/DocBook/drm.tmpl          |   4 +
 drivers/gpu/drm/drm_prime.c             | 186 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_bo.h    |   1 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_drm.c   |   9 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_gem.c   |   2 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_gem.h   |  10 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_prime.c | 173 ++++-------------------------
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h         |   1 -
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_drv.c     |  21 ++--
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_prime.c   | 170 ++++-------------------------
 include/drm/drmP.h                      |  12 +++
 11 files changed, 270 insertions(+), 319 deletions(-)


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