No common commits between agd5f’s and Linus’ Git trees (was: [pull] radeon drm-next-3.11)

Paul Menzel paulepanter at
Sat Jul 6 02:48:11 PDT 2013

Dear Alex,

Am Freitag, den 05.07.2013, 18:24 -0400 schrieb alexdeucher at


> The following changes since commit 338a95a95508537e23c82d59a2d87be6fde4b6ff:
>   drm/radeon/sumo: implement support for disable_gfx_power_gating_in_uvd flag (2013-07-03 17:37:31 -0400)
> are available in the git repository at:
>   git:// drm-next-3.11

trying to get your tree, Git says there are no common commits with
Linus’ tree. Do you have an idea, why?

        $ git describe torvalds/master
        $ git remote add alexdeuscher git://
        $ git fetch alexdeuscher
        warning: no common commits

What do not I understand about Git? Should not there be a lot of common
commits and downloading the whole tree *not* be necessary.



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